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Introduction to JRTs
JRTCC (Canada)
JRTCA – On-line Profiler
Trapped – JRT
Inappropriate Greetings PSA – Animated movie
Preventing Dog Bites when humans greet inappropriately – Article
Free poster on body language in dogs
Pet Poison Control Hotline
Second Hope Circle
Recalled FDA Pet Products

Articles of Interest

Jacks and Babies
Dog Food Advisor (does not reflect views of JRTRO)
How Could You?
Who’s in Charge Here?
Bad Dog Talk
First Aid Kit for your Pet

Saving for a rainy day…

We talk about it all the time, putting money away for holidays, big purchases and retirement.  Money is put in jars and savings accounts for that important event or purchase.  Those that are truly prepared keep money set aside for the unforeseen circumstances, kind of like insurance.  Have you ever considered doing that for your dog??  If your dog is hit by a car and needs emergency treatment can you afford it?  What are the cost of x-rays and blood tests?  What about the cost of emergency surgery?

In a world where a leg amputation can cost upwards of $5,000, and an emergency tooth extraction $600, a vet bill can become astronomical!  Do you really want to rely on your credit card?  What is your limit?  Do you want to have to deny your beloved dog treatment because you cannot afford it? Many of our adoptive families are starting vetting savings accounts for these reasons. It’s a smart and preventive measure, and we encourage all our current and future Jack owners to do the same. You won’t regret it!

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