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Jared and Misty

I actually can’t remember what year I adopted Misty but I can say I was a foster failure! I was originally going to foster a larger male Parson named Scout but for health reasons that fell through. When I was contacted then about a little girl that was about a year and a half old and just coming into the rescue. I met with Sue at the Pet smart in Whitby and fell in love with Misty (then called Miss Twinkles) at first drag, For a little 10lb girl she could really pull me through the parking lot! Then entire trip home it seemed all she wanted was to sit on my lap or be cuddled.

When we arrived home she was introduced to my mother and her Jack Russell Shih Tzu mix Jake. they got along well but Misty seemed very nervous around people, always cowering when we approached her and looking like she expected to be hit.

Over time that vanished and she turned into a terror to Jake, trying to get him to play and nip at his feet and whiskers.

About a year and a half after I adopted her Misty and I began our grand adventure together. It started with packing up and driving from Oshawa to Northern Manitoba. She really seemed to enjoy the trip and spent half the time perched behind my seat watching the road and the other half asleep in the little nest she made on top of all my stuff in the back seat. She settled in well and loved the new back yard. She also made a number of new canine friends in the form of a couple local strays (they were healthy and she was checked regularly) and two more pups who joined me for the ride (Frankie the mini weiner who lives with my mom now and Snowball the stray husky-lab who was adopted by my ex girlfriend.)

After the adventure in Manitoba she added another province to her list when we moved to an Inuit village in northern Quebec. There she ran with the huskys and made friends with the neighbors dog Chico. While there she was introduced to her older brother/guardian named Gunner (King German shepherd). While he grew Misty kept him in line well. It was not uncommon to hear him yelp when she latched onto his cheek if he annoyed her too much. Despite Misty keeping him in line while young Gunner has great fondess and loyalty to her. During a time where an unexpected gunshot spooked Misty into running off into the forest, Gunner followed her like glue and stayed with her until I was able to track them both down.

Our next adventure took us to northern Saskatchewan. Here Misty fell in love with the huge window in the living room where she could lay on the edge and sun herself and watch the world go by. She had a nice big back yard she could play in and her choice of couches to lounge on.

Now Misty and I are about to embark one yet another adventure as I settle into life as a single dad to a baby girl. For at least the next year we’ll be living on my sisters farm. Misty already loves it with getting to meet my sisters dogs and all the animals on the farm. She seems particularly fond of the horses and chasing the barn cats.

I can’t imagine life without that tiny little nub tailed dog these days. She is overflowing with affection and loves nothing more than to cuddle up with me on the couch or bed or wherever. I have even almost quit my job when they suggested to rehome her to advance my position in a location where the housing didn’t allow dogs. They know now that where I go, she goes. I am so glad that I came in contact with the JRTRO and that fate brought Misty and I together. Our bond grows every day and it would be extremely boring if she wasn’t in my life.

Jared and Misty

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Spooky and Zarah

Almost 4 years ago I made the drive from Pittsburgh to Canada to pick up Spooky. I don’t have his foster parents information anymore but I wanted to pass along to you how well he is doing.

SpookySpooky is enjoying his life of travels, hiking, and running. Him and I are preparing to move to the pacific northwest. We spent 3 months there already and he couldn’t get enough bird chasing for one lifetime so we decided to go back. His new favorite trick is closing all of the cabinets in the kitchen and even the fridge….I just hope he doesn’t learn the reverse (although with the JRT brain I know it is inevitable). He still hasn’t ever killed an animal even when he comes face to face with one. He just likes to play with them, guess he is a humanitarian. I attached some updated pictures.

I wanted to say thank you again for rescuing Spooky. My life wouldn’t be complete without him. He is the most special person in my life and makes myself and my friends and family laugh on an hourly basis.

Lady and Lorri

There is no pain, like the pain that hits you when you put your best friend to sleep.
I always knew that I was going to get another dog if something ever  happen to Molly my 13 year Jack Russell Terrier.   I posted her passing on the JRT face book  page on October 30,2011 shortly after coming home from the vet empty handed and heart broken. I  received so many messages of sympathy from my JRT family.  One call was from Cathy Chambers, telling me that once I was ready there will be a dog for me.
The next day after a talk with my mom, I decided to go forward in getting a dog sooner then Christmas that I had originally planed. The e-mail went out and I was told about a southern gal named Lady.   Lady was having problems with getting a forever home, nobody wanted a dog with huge ears.  Also that she recently had surgery for hip dysplasia and will need gentle excerises to help her use her leg again .  After viewing her bio on Pet finder page, I decided she was for me and arrange a visit with her foster family. On a warm Sunday morning I set out for Whitby, to met my new dog.  Let me tell you it was love at first sight.  Lady barked  agreement  to be my new puppy.  The following day I made arrangements to go back to Whitby and pick her up after supper.
Since the first night together Lady has slept at my feet, slowly working her  way up to my face.  When I  open my eyes I see those big brown eyes, framed by those huge cute ears.  Two seconds, later my face is washed with kisses.
Lady is like her name a perfect little lady.  She is great on lead and has had obedience training. She will sit at my feet patiently when I have stopped for a chat.  We are doing the physiotherapy as required to get her to use her right hind leg.  Lady is not fond of the exercises, but will tolerate them a couple times a day   The other night Lady walked 40 feet on all four legs which had me grinning from ear to ear.

I have rescued Molly a senior Jack Russell terrier, and now Lady.  The next time you scroll past that dog that may not look perfect or be too old.  Have a second look, I did and I have the perfect dog for me.  I still miss Molly but my little Lady is soon filling that empty spot in my heart


Just thought I would let you know how our little dude Ollie is adjusting to his new life with us.  We are truly a Jack Russell family.  When our beloved Lassie passed away this summer at the age of 16 years it was devastating to all of us.  Our children now adults literally grew up with her.  We where fortunate to come across a wee puppy we call Taylah.  She is small but strong.  Then we just happened to receive the facebook message regarding the need for a home for Ollie.  As we tried to find a home, it became clear that we already knew a home, OURS.  Ollie was lucky to have such a wonderful foster mum, and truly it was love at first sight.  Ollie was cautious with us, but very quickly became a big cuddle dude.  He loves to just sit beside me or on my lap when I am working on the computer researching.

He really loves going for walks with Dad, and just cannot kiss him enough when he comes home from work.  Ollie enjoys soccer in the backyard with his new little sis Taylah and my daughters Jack Russell name Penny.  He is great at keeping the ball from the girls, but will if you whistle drop the ball like a good soccer player.  Ollie is not a fan of the cats that roam our neighbourhood and will put them out the yard.  One is particularly mean and knocked over his little sis, and that cat will never be coming back to our yard.  Ollie has really taken on the role of protector, and not just for Taylah but for all of us.  I really appreciate that, as sometimes people can startle you when you do not hear them.

Ollie like the girls enjoys singing to our son’s cello practice.  Which only reinforced the fact that he belongs here.  Lassie would sing, Taylah sings, and now Ollie.  He enjoys his walks, around especially in the park paths.  He has claimed the big chair  to sleep in and but will let you in it if you give him a cuddle.

He remains very cautious with people.  All those who enter our house know to say “Hello Ollie,” so they do not startle him.  He will bark but, his behaviour over hearing someone say his name, quickly changes to kisses.  He seems to like sleeping under the christmas tree, but only when the lights are turned on. He seemed very impressed with his christmas stocking  and will sit under it looking at it like a child does waiting for Santa. I think Ollie has finally realized he is home, where he is loved and cared for, and will stay.  We cannot thank you all enough for allowing Ollie to be part of our family.  We just love him so much, and his gives us such love back, he truly was a missing part of our family. Sincerely, Lauren


Just a quick update on the wee doggies… Roscoe is doing very well, and I think has adjusted to life here just fine… We discovered a dog park this summer (see attached pics) and he absolutley loved it! He is so good with other dogs and people, always making new dog friends… For some reaon he is really into Husky type dogs– go figure… If only he would have stayed still long enough for a decent picture!

We fenced the backyard this summer and he now spends the whole day laying in the sun on a blanket. Basically, he lives like a king. My husband LOVES this dog. When Paul sits down Roscoe glues himself to him. Wherever Paul goes, Roscoe has to be there too.

Pica is doing great and has grown/filled out since comming home. She still has some nervous peeing issues, but they have declined dramatically. She eats well, plays hard and is generally competely unlady like lol! She is my shadow and is generally attached to my hip most times. She is an extremely sweet and loving dog and although some of her anxieties can be challenging, she is making progress and we lov

e her to death. Her spinning comes and goes and generally manifests itself when she is scared or excited. It doesn’t last as long and is less intense than the beginning. I don’t think she will ever stop, but it has slown down dramatically. Doesn’t matter to us either way just as long as she is happy.

Well I guess that pretty much brings you all up to speed. Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, it just doesn’t seem to last long enough! Kim, Paul, Roscoe and Pica.


Just thought you would like these two photos of Herman. His first day went really well and he settled in almost immediately. He travelled really well in the car and has incredible balance since he really liked sitting on the centre consul to get a view out of the window ! En route home we visited Petgo for supplies and he helped himself to some treats from the lower shelves. He checked out our apartment very thoroughly and apparently approved. We took him to the vet for a routine check up and he pronounced him in really good shape. Later Herman joined us for a sundowner on our balcony (that’s one of the photos) and then in the evening watched a Sherlock Holmes mystery on TV with us, picking out the couch as prime spot (that’s the other photo). However, he found Mr Holmes intellectually unsatisfactory and went to sleep half way through ! He was exhausted. We had purchased a bed for Herman at the pet store but he checked out our own bed very thoroughly and found that the gap between the pillows and the headboard was just fine for a good night’s rest. This morning he went for a walk in the ravine and showed a great professional interest in the squirrels.

So really we are amazed at how quickly he has settled in and how easily he gets on with other people in our condo, on the streets, and in the ravine.

You will notice that we have put him in a harness, having had our previous Jack suffer badly from a damaged trachea which apparently was initiated by tugging against his neck collar. Don’t want that to happen again. We will be doing some obedience training soon and hope to make progress.

“Thanks again for all you have done for Herman. You have all been so helpful at JRTRO, and a special thanks to the Foster Mom who is, we know, just one of many who do the tough job of taking on these wonderful creatures and then have to go through the hard task of giving them up to the adoptive parents.”

Thanks again for all you have done for Herman ~ Geoff


Our sweet Jake came to live with us as a foster dog. We were his third foster home, and although he’d had troubles at the first two, I still adored him from the moment I saw him. Jake’s “bite first, make friends later” approach to life and his timid behaviour with some people were preventing him from settling into a home. I was positive that with some love, patience and training we could turn him into a balanced, happy dog. After all, who wouldn’t love those stand up ears and serious face!

Jake came home and despite a slightly bumpy start where our youngest Jack Russell gave Jake a doggy spanking each time he was challenged, we managed to move into a more relaxed state. My husband and I gave Jake a stable atmosphere with rules, encouragement and love. He learned that not all people would mistreat him, began to seek out affection and now spends much of his day as my husband’s shadow. Our dogs showed Jake how to be a dog, how to play (he loves chasing the garden hose), how to socialize with other dogs without a fight, and the best places to snuggle with humans. Over the next few months we watched Jake relax, the tension that all rescue dogs seem to wear in their faces and ears drained away. He became a happy-go-lucky dog.

Time marched on and there were no calls to inquire about Jake. It seemed that people could not get past the fact that he is nine. While we were waiting for the perfect new home for Jake he also learned about children. Our neighbour’s 11year old son was terrified of dogs, Jake and his foster brothers managed to show him that dogs are great fun and entertainment. Last week we watched him sit quietly with Jake on the lawn and watch the world go by, this from a boy that used to run away from dogs and a dog that used to hide from children.

This wonderful dog that someone saw fit to throw away has carved his way into our hearts, my husband and I had no choice but to ensure that he remained with us forever. We adopted him this week and there will be no looking back! ~ Emily


When GOODFELLOW, my dear and faithful JRT friend of close to SIXTEEN years passed on into the Great Here After I was broken hearted but also I was quite concerned about how we would cope without him. Since 2008, when my mother suffered a massive stroke, GOODFELLOW and I had been travelling regularly on the bus and subway to visit her.  For me continuing the journey without him would be painful and lonely.  For my mother, not having a dog to walk around the hospital could be a recovery set back.  But then a miracle happened: We were rescued by KATIE a delightful two year old girl JRT, who has adapted to public transportation and hospital visiting like a pro.

Many thanks to the Cathy, Joycelyn, Richard and all the other hard working volunteers at JRTRO for helping this miracle to happen.


Hi Cathy, I am attaching a couple of photos that you might like. I have added a few words. Maybe they could go into Happy Tails if they are not used for the calendar. I would like people to know that JRT cross dogs make great family pets. Even Snookie is learning to wag her tail and to cuddle!! Amazing what time and lots of training dollars can do along with endless love for her!!!

Here are two happy dogs who found great families thanks to JRT. Poncho is the dad of Baby Ruby. Poncho was adopted to two moms in Toronto and Ruby to a family in Port Perry area. Recently the two dogs had a reunion to celebrate their good fortune.

Poncho has a new sister named, Snookie who came from Ohio. She is a JRT cross and loves to run like the wind and play frisbee. She is slowly learning to like people as much as she loves other dogs!


Hi Cathy, I wanted to say good bye to you at Jack Russell Rescue. I took a job a few months ago and the movers are here in Oakville moving us as I write this. I hope you will add “Rex’s tail” along with your other success stories.

After losing our beloved Jack russell to a short and deadly bout with cancer our hearts were broken.  We thought that we could just be without a Jack in our lives but that only lasted about two months.  Jack Russell’s give such unconditional love and have such a zest for life and we missed that.

We found Jack Russell Rescue on the internet and started talking with Cathy about adopting.  My husband found Rex and immediate loved his all black head and white body.  He looked nothing like our last Jack and we decided to give it our best.  Rex had been rescued right before his execution day, in fact on his last day. He was rescued by another wonderful woman who thought she was ready for him.  As it worked out, she just did not have the time for him and wanted to pass him on.

No one had real history on Rex, so it was all new to us.  We picked him up with our old poodle Lucy and brought him home.  Rex I would say was not the most handsome guy, his lower teeth stick out over his lips, he still has all of his baby teeth so when he smiles he looks very funny, kind of like dentures.  He had some issues!  He promptly peed on the rug, attacked the poodle and bite me!! All in the first few days!  A year later we are getting to move Rex to the USA.  He has travelled with us to Savannah Georgia, New York city, hiked trails in the Fingers lakes of New York, meets everyone with love and joy..most everyone and mostly has become a very loving and loyal companion for my husband and I. He sleeps right between us, sits on our laps and even allows me to kiss him and snuggle him.

We have been amazed at his intelligence.  Catches and returns throws the ball right to us.  Plays soccer and volleyball.  Touches our shoes when its time for a walk. and nudges the water bottle when we are travelling and he needs a drink.

We adopted Rex when he was eight years old and he turned nine in April.  He is healthy and happy and we love him.  He still loves to play but will also chill out with us and does not require so much attention.

I have already hired a dog walker for him in Ithaca and they have bonded completely.

Cesar Milan says” You do not get the dog you want, you get the dog you need.” Rex has taught Lance and I to be such better dog owners and a stronger dog lover. He has taught us to look past the perfect package and see what an amazing dog he is….not perfect. Just amazing.

I thank you at Jack Russell Rescue of Ontario.  When anyone asks about Rex we tell them to adopt and where to find you at.  Even as we go back to the USA we will tell our American friends and anyone who listens about you all.

You changed three lives, and we could not be more grateful.
Angela, Lance and T. Rex Robinson


Miracles do Happen! A wonderful success story about Skimmer – for a wonderful jack searching so long for his forever home:
I decided to become a dog owner for the first time about one month ago. I had been considering adopting a dog for the past two years or so, but I wanted to be sure that I was settled enough to take on such an important commitment.  While researching the various canine breeds online, I found the Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario, just by chance.  I was surprised to see that their adoption fee was reasonable, and that they had a great selection of “Jacks” to choose from, and all of them seeking loving and caring permanent homes.  I originally was interested in adopting a stunning blue eyed JRT/Husky mix but I was told that the dog would not be suitable for apartment living.  I was a little disappointed but happy to see how thorough and careful JRTRO is about their adoption process and suitability for a given dog and owner.  I told the adoption manager that I would check back with them in a couple of weeks and see if I could find a dog that interested me.  When I did, there were several “Jacks” that caught my eye, and I decided on applying for one of two of them that attracted me, a neutered male, named “Skimmer” and a lovely male named, “Meeko”.  After a lengthy telephone interview, and several in-depth questions about my knowledge of the breed and dogs in general, it was decided that I would adopt the male Jack Russell Terrier, with the name of “Skimmer”.

I was told that he was given that name after he was observed by his foster Mother, of being mesmerized by a dragonfly, that he saw skimming over the surface of a pond, when he was in foster care. “Skimmer” came into my life and home on February 27th 2010, and as soon as I saw him, I thought that he was as stunning a “Jack” as I had ever seen.  Once he was in my home he was a little nervous for about ten minutes, and then he relaxed and settled in. Skimmer bonded with me in two days or less, and of which I’m told, is very unusual.  I was told this yesterday by a veterinarian. “Skimmer” seems SO happy here with me, and perhaps that is because his earlier life was quite rough, and he suffered terrible abuse, finally facing euthanasia in an animal shelter. Jack Russells are  very active and energetic little hunters, but “Skimmer” had sadly been confined to a dog crate for much of his early life.  Eventually his cruel owner just discarded him, and he was then found wandering as a “stray”.  Skimmer was scheduled to be euthanized when the JRT Rescue Ontario was notified about him and saved him.

It would have been a tragic shame had the execution of such a innocent and very fine dog taken place.  After he was claimed by JRT Rescue, he was placed in foster care, and all of his foster parents were impressed by his personality and intelligence.  Because of the fact that “Skimmer” does not get along well with other animals, it made finding a caring home for him somewhat difficult.  Many “Jacks” do like other animals, including cats, but not “Skimmer”.

I have to tell you that my adopting “Skimmer”, and his adopting me, must have been “written in the stars”, because, he is just the most wonderful companion.  Playful, full of energy and amusing, yet so well behaved inside my home, he is fully housetrained…not ONE accident !

“Skimmer” does get quite excited when he sees another dog, but due to the fact that he is always on a leash, makes that a minor problem, he is incredibly intelligent and as affectionate a dog as I have ever met. These lil’ dogs thrive on human companionship, and “Skimmer”, is no exception. In fact, the first night he was here, he insisted on sleeping in my bed with me, and now that has become his regular routine. Each new day with “Skimmer” is more enjoyable and a real adventure. I never know what part of his personality he is going to show me next. He is such an actor ! In the short time “Skimmer” and I have been together, I have discovered that, he acts like a Beagle, thinks he’s a Rottweiler, but most importantly is the “SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE”

PS.  A special thank you to the shelter for notifying JRTRO about Skimmer, and hugs and tons of appreciation to his foster parents and especially to Jackie Parkins for her love, understanding and training. John Lewis, Owned by a loving JRT, Toronto


We met Pixie at the foster home with the grandkids in July 09 , it was love at first sight, for everyone. I broke the cardinal rule of letting my heart rule over my brain and forgot all the tips about meeting a dog for the first time. The ride home in the crate was as difficult for Pixie as it was for us, and after two hours we released her and she slept on our laps the rest of the way home. No doubt she has some issues – who wouldn’t after being in four homes in less than two months. I call it baggage. Pixie might call it anxiety. She hates to be left home alone and had some problems with settling down in the vehicle. Perhaps she wondered if she was being taken away yet again? Six months later, Pixie is trusting us more. Still hovers at my feet as I work around the house. Loves to go out to the barn and garden and sniff and root about in the dirt and straw. Sits at the window to watch when Poppa goes to work! She knows exactly what to do when she sees the chickens. Egg production has gone down a few times, but thankfully we are more aware of the nature of the Jack Russell Terrier and know better to keep her far away from the birds. We took Pixie to the National Trials in September in Paris On. She and was entered in the Barn Hunt and came in first in her class. Now if she would only catch the rats that are no doubt living in our barn! Life has become more interesting seeing it through Pixie’s eyes. She tries to play with the cats in our lives and they tolerate her advances. She is a small package of energy and unconditional love. She is keeping us active! We are so happy to have found her through JRTRO. Thanks again. ~Janis


Elvis is doing great, right at home now. He has his daily rituals of places to be LOL LOL. I find it fascinating how he goes to different spots depending on the time of day. His leg seems all healed up but I am being careful. I have been going for a walk just once a day and only a couple of blocks. Hopefully that will build up his walking muscles and we won’t have a repeat of leg injury.

He seems to really like Misty our black and white, but she is a corker anyway. He pulls himself along the floor on his belly to get closer to where she is and lays there. Misty walks past him and touches his paw and he seems fine with it. I expect to find them snuggled up one of these days. … Boy do they love each other and have a ball. Sally goes for a quick morning walk and Elvis seems to know what time because he gets up in the window and looks over next door and sure enough within minutes Kathy and Sally come out. I don’t take him in the morning I take him at night when sally goes but we stop at the barn and watch Kathy feed the horses, because Sally goes around the track with Gerry and I think it is too soon for that long a walk. Talk to you soon, Maureen

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