Rat Poison Warning

This is an email from a JRTRO adopter about a near tragic encounter with Rat Poison.  Fortunately, this had a happy ending but it is something we should all be aware of:

Before I tell you this story, everything is okay!!! Chip and Darby are fine…but I had a horrible day yesterday when I found rat poison in my backyard. And once I realized what it was (it looked like oatmeal) I knew they had eaten some a few hours earlier. The only reason I figured out what it was, is that Chip found the bag under something and was whining trying to get to it, so I found it and freaked!!! I phoned the vet bawling (I’m dramatic when it comes to my babies) and then promptly threw them in the car along with the bag of poison and was out of the vet within 45 minutes with a giant bill and Vitamin K for a month.

 Have you ever had this happen? It’s like my worst nightmare come true. But the vet said it’s very common in the city because so many people put out rat poison. I was extra upset for some reason that it was in my yard. I’ve always thought the dogs are completely safe in my fenced in backyard. But after getting home I explored out there and for sure it was dragged around by a small critter…you can tell that. So it’s not like a dog killer lives in my neighbourhood. I can see it was dragged from the neighbours backyard and I pounded on his door a few times last night but no answer. I’m not going to accuse him, just warn him of how dangerous that stuff is.
So the vet says they’ll be fine, but I do have to check their gums everyday to make sure they’re not pale. But I tell you I was sick to my stomach all day yesterday thinking how different things could have turned out if I hadn’t found that bag and known what I was dealing with.
Anyways, I hesitated telling you this because it’s not a nice story and I didn’t want to worry….but I just needed moral support from a fellow dog lover.
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