In memory of Mr. Biggs

My dear Mr. Biggs
Mr. BiggsHe was the loved companion of a senior citizen for 10 years. The man was admitted into medical care on an urgent basis and could no longer care for his beloved little canine friend. His family, unable to take in Mr. Biggs themselves, brought him to me in tears wishing the best for him. With many many thanks to the Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Ontario Biggs was accepted into the foster program and his own medical needs looked after. He found his way into my home and became a permanent foster dog when we discovered that he had a significant heart murmur and was not an adoption candidate. This amazing rescue promised him to look after his needs and provide him with a home and person who loved him, and the financial means to make sure he had what he needed to live a quality life. I have had Mr. Biggs since October 2014. But soon, we will have to say goodbye because his poor little heart is just too “Bigg” for his little body. Go figure that the kindest little gentle dog is going to pass from this world because he just has too big of a heart. For the next hours, days, if we are lucky a week or two we will enjoy what time we have left. Pets, such a wonderful addition to our lives. I’ll miss the little guy- he is so special.

– Kimberly Hutton


2 responses to “In memory of Mr. Biggs

  1. Spencer Howard July 25, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    I’m very sorry to hear about Mr. Biggs. He is beautiful. I hope he has many weeks left.

    We lost our Jack Russell Milo a few years back and I still miss him so much. He developed a tumour on his back and it got so aggressive, we had to say goodbye.

    This is Milo. He read the book on Jack Russell’s and acted out all the attributes of the breed. I loved him so much even with his utter disregard for peeing on every piece of furniture we owned and chewing a sofa to shreds!

    Jack Russells are the absolute best!

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Biggs. God speed little man.

    Spencer Howard Milton


    • Kimberly Hutten August 1, 2016 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you to the JRTRO for posting the TRIBUTE, and thank you spencer for your kind thoughts. Mr. Biggs passed away in May. He was very loved and he is definitely missed. His quiet little snugly self had such a pleasant presence in our world, and so that spot has been left behind by him and missed by us. However, he passed peacefully and although it was difficult it was his time.
      Thanks again,
      Give a Milo a little pat and enjoy all the Jack Russellness he has to offer. They are great little dogs!

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