The Foster Series: Lennox

JRTRO is always in need of Foster Homes for Jacks in need. You see, we take them in out of kennelled situations (or worse) and assess them in real home environments before we find them forever homes. That way we can be sure that the dog you are getting is the best fit for you, your home and your lifestyle! Some fosters swallow back a few tears before handing their charges over to their wonderful new forever families and later feel a real sense of fulfillment. Some… as you’ll read here, are what we affectionately call “Foster Failures”. Sometimes the attachment is so strong, the fosters end up adopting their charges. Usually that means we lose a foster home, but at least we have saved another life.

Interested in Fostering? Please visit the foster section of our website and fill out an application form. Foster Failure or Foster Fulfilled, you will be helping JRTRO to re-home a dog that is in an untenable situation, and isn’t that what it’s all about?…


My husband and I were already the happy adoptive parents of two fabulous jacks from the JRTRO. I approached fostering as a way to give back to the wonderful organization which brought us those two wonderful dogs, as well as to do my bit to save other unwanted dogs.

After throwing my hat in the ring, my first prospective foster was identified. He was an older jack, located in Ohio and had some serious problems. A kind lady had found him on her lawn and called the local volunteer rescue folks. This little guy had a gunshot wound to his side and trauma to his legs and belly from being tossed from a car. The volunteers had named him Lenny.  His photo arrived in my inbox and, to be honest, he was a sad looking wreck. His transport was delayed as he was not improving as expected, and for a few days it was touch and go for him. He was finally well enough to make his journey and arrived to us in November 2013.

We collected him from the transport at the side of the 401 on a windy, cold night. He was tired, thin, and had some obvious injuries, but was also very wiggly and curious. Lenny made friends with our two existing jacks, and started to consume groceries at an impressive rate. He was still quite delicate though and I nursed him carefully, giving him the TLC that he needed. It was clear that he was once someone’s loved pet who had fallen on hard times somehow.

Lennox, before & after

Lennox, before & after

As he improved, his eventual adoption was discussed and I started to think about how to market him. When he was well enough, he made his debut at a local craft market and generated a lot of interest in adopting him. This was when I realized that this little trooper would be potentially leaving me soon and that we actually wanted to keep him. While three jacks was never the plan for our family, it was clearly the way to go, and we adopted Lenny.

Lenny was renamed Lennox, and is now a chubby little jack, full of beans and a very skilled bandit when it comes to food. He has no physical remnants of his injuries except for a tiny bald spot on his side where he was shot. He took some time to trust us, but his originally scared eyes now reflect contentment and confidence. He’s a fabulous dog and I am happy to be a first time foster failure.

Foster parents are special people… their ability to provide unselfish love at a time the dogs need it most, and then see them off to their forever families is a quality I admire. Their hearts must break with each dog, but they are helping them all and are the foundation of the rescue. I no longer foster as I don’t have this special quality (and would end up with a house full of jacks), but my hat is off to those who do. The jacks thank you… and so do those of us who end up as the owners of these great dogs.

– story by Joy Quinn, mom to Rocky, Tyson and happily now, Lennox

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