Will and Kate: let’s keep this monarchy intact

Meet Will and Kate

When dogs come into rescue as a bonded pair, it always presents a dilemma. There is no question it is easier to place one dog in an adoptive home – and waiting for a family willing to take two dogs can present difficulties for rescues such as ours. We are dependent on open foster homes in order to continue to save other dogs. Often dogs turn out not to be bonded once they are spayed and neutered and placed in foster care and splitting them up is not that hard. Sadly, sometimes rescues must make the decision to split up a bonded pair in order to increase their chances of being adopted.

That being said, the JRTRO has determined that Will and Kate cannot be separated.  Their foster parents have declared themselves willing and able to care for them until the right home comes along for both of them. These two dogs are so completely devoted to each other, separating them now would amount to nothing short of cruelty.

In this post: Stats & Preferences  | Background  |  More about Will  |  More about Kate | Updates

See Will having fun playing with a treat, one of the first times he ever played.  |   Watch Kate responding to the pack while Will just hangs out looking ridiculously cute.

Will and Kate – Stats and Preferences:

  • Bonded Pair – 6 Year Old Neutered Male, 3 Year Old Spayed Female.
  • Good with other dogs.
  • Good with children.
  • Healthy, medium energy.
  • Loving, sweet-natured, affectionate.

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Will and Kate were rescued in Kentucky after a complaint to the local SPCA resulted in the dogs being surrendered to care. They had spent their lives in an unheated, outdoor shed, used as a breeding pair. They lived lives of complete and utter desolation – devoid of human contact, love, attention (medical and otherwise), exercise and proper nutrition.

When they arrived in foster care, they had no idea how to live in a home. They didn’t know how to use stairs or even what a “walk” entailed.  In fact, upon arrival in their foster home, they immediately sought refuge together on an old mat in the garage, afraid and unsure of everything except that they surely weren’t welcome in the house. It took coaxing and help up the stairs to get them into the home.

Kate has adapted much more quickly than Will. He is a shy dog who needs help building his confidence. Loud noises and sudden movements sent him into a tailspin of fear but he is learning that life now is pain free and full of love. Kate is outgoing and enthusiastic about everything.

Will depends on Kate to soothe him and she takes her role as his protector seriously. They have never been apart and the JRTRO is committed to seeing that they are adopted together. They need each other and after everything they have endured, this is the least we can offer them – a promise that they will not be torn from the only sure thing they have ever known – each other.

We know this isn’t an easy ask. We know not everyone is up to the challenge of adopting two dogs at the same time.  However, we know that perfect family is out there and when they see Will and Kate and hear their story, they will know these dogs belong with them. A calm, loving home where each dog will be cherished for their individual personality and where they can continue to progress in this, their journey towards a special forever home.

Interested in adopting Will and Kate? Please fill out this online adoption form and we’ll get right back to you!
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More about Will:

LEASH: Will is leery of being taken for walks. He likes to keep the house in sight and gets frightened if he can’t see the house.

WHAT ARE YOU WALKING THE DOG WITH: Leash and harness. He usually ends up under my arm being carried and he sits there happily. He will improve in this area as he becomes more secure.

SEPARATION ANXIETY/FEAR AGGRESSION:  When he first came to us, his mouth was newly healed following dental surgery and he was so hungry, he would growl at Kate to keep her out of his food but never any snapping or biting. He is better now that he knows there is no shortage of food, which for Will is a good thing.

FOOD/TOY AGGRESSION:  Will is just discovering play and he is so funny to watch.  He has never had the joy of a toy or even a treat and he thinks that it is just so wonderful that such things exist.

EXCESSIVE BARKING:  For  his tiny size he has a nice deep bark but is not sure he should be using it. When he barks he looks around as if to say “who did that?”

APPETITE:  It is settling down. He has gone from four meals a day to two and eats much more slowly now. He is no longer desperate to get it all down as quickly as possible.

REACTION TO PEOPLE/STRANGERS:  No aggression but he is shy. He is a bit stiff when they pick him up but with love and kindness he will relax.  He has no reason to trust people but he does.

REACTION TO OTHER DOGS:  Will hangs back. There is no aggression but he is not sure what to do. He does show curiosity about the pack.

REACTION TO CATS:  Unknown. Most cats would be larger than he is so I don’t see a problem.


CAR RIDES:  Curls up in a blanket. No car sickness.

TRAINING/TRICKS:  He is learning to come when called, to sit and to lie down. Also when I need to pick him up to take him up the stairs, I tell him to stay and then place my hand on the back of his neck and then speak to him before I pick him up. He is quite happy to let me do it.


PERSONALITY TRAITS:  Shy but is now enjoying snuggling in the chair with me but only for short periods of time. With Kate, he will stay beside her all the time. He is staying longer with me before asking to be set down.

FAVOURITE GAMES/TOYS:  Anything he can find and chase around now.

CUTE, FUNNY QUIRKS:  He does the silliest little dance when I make his dinner. He used to crawl to his dinner bowl and pee himself at any movement but now he approaches it with caution but is getting braver and more confident.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THIS DOG:  How willing he is to accept that people can be good and kind. The look of joy on his face when he realizes he can come back into the warm house. How happy he gets when you tell him he is a good boy for doing his toilet outside. The smallest gesture of kindness makes him so happy.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT:  His house training. At this point, he has only marked once in the last few days – from ten to twenty times a day to once is pretty good I would say! He also needs to have his confidence built up and to know that never again will he have to live in a shed with his worth being measured by his ability to breed.

WHAT IS THE PERFECT HOME FOR THIS DOG:  A home with Kate is a must. They are completely devoted to each other. A kind and loving family that will let him progress at his own speed. A home where love, warmth and food are things he will never want for again.
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More about Kate (aka Katy Bug):

HEIGHT/WEIGHT:  Small, 20 pounds.

HOUSE TRAINED:  A work in progress. She will now go to the door when called and do her toilet outside. An occasional pee in the house but is doing wonderfully.

CRATE TRAINED:  Yes.  When they first came to us they just wanted to stay in their crate and hide but now they are more adventurous. I would suggest a crate be available to them for comfort but NO DOORS CLOSED ON THEM and not for any extended periods of time.

WHERE DOES THE DOG SLEEP AT NIGHT:  Will and Kate sleep curled up together in a little bed beside ours. They have plenty of blankets to cuddle in.

WHERE IS THE DOG KEPT WHEN YOU ARE OUT:  They have free reign of the house. When I come home, Will is usually cuddled up with Kate.

LEASH:  Kate loves walking. She is slow but is ready to go and loves the snow. She loves to meet new people and is very outgoing.


SEPARATION ANXIETY/FEAR AGGRESSION:  None at all. She is quite content to curl up and sleep but when you come home, you have to be kissed a thousand times to let you know that you were missed.

FOOD/TOY AGGRESSION:  None at all.  She has discovered toys and that they can make noise and noise is fun to Kate.  Sometimes she will just pick up a toy and walk around with it for an hour and a half – everything is new and exciting to her.

EXCESSIVE BARKING:  She only barks when the others start but if you tell her “enough” she will stop. She has a tiny, sweet bark.

APPETITE:  Large! She is used to eating her food and Will’s food but now she is eating small meals throughout the day with lots of vegetables. She is losing weight.

REACTION TO PEOPLE/STRANGERS:  A bit timid at first but very curious. Once she realizes she is safe and she is not going to be hurt, she is very eager to meet and share her pocket full of kisses.




CAR RIDES:  She needs a blanket and will curl up and go to sleep.

TRAINING/TRICKS:  She is learning to come when called, to sit and to stay.

ENERGY LEVEL:  Low to medium low.

DESTRUCTIVE (TOYS, FURNITURE):  Likes to pull the stuffing out of some of her toys, but then so do I!

PERSONALITY TRAITS:  Very sweet, very loving, eager to please.

FAVOURITE GAMES/TOYS:  Everything is new to Kate, from living in a house to having a proper diet, even having regular walks. She is just joyful.

CUTE/FUNNY QUIRKS:  She loves to give Will back massages and he will lie there as she does it and then she will curl up beside him.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THIS DOG:  Her sweetness and her innocence. Every morning she wakes me up and wants to get on the bed and curl up and get kisses – she is so very happy.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT:  Her house training, but that will come along with time.

WHAT IS THE PERFECT HOME FOR THIS DOG:  A home with Will. A loving family that will appreciate both of these unique, sweet little dogs and offer them the fairy tale life they deserve.

Interested in adopting Will and Kate? Please fill out this online adoption form and we’ll get right back to you!
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January 31, 2014:
Will and Kate have gone together to a new home with a lovely couple who love them dearly. Thanks so much to Julie Ann and Alan for Fostering, once again a joyful result!

January 12, 2014:
When Will and Kate first came, they thought they were going to live in our garage and it took quite a bit of coaxing to try and get them into the house. We finally had to carry them in. When they were let out in the yard to have a pee, they went and lay in the snow by the garden shed, believing that they were not allowed back in the house. Living in a home, a soft bed, food in a bowl were all strange and new, any loud noises from the television usually meant they would void their bowels and bladder. People coming to the door would send them running and looking for a place to hide. When I would pick them up I would have to be prepared to change my clothes, as they would pee in fright.  

Present day:
Will is the quieter of the two, he is shy but has a very loving grateful nature. In the past month he has improved by leaps and bounds, and even comes over to me and pats my leg letting me know he wants to get up on my lap and sleep. Will is now going to the door and asking to go out when he has to do his business, (okay he has the occasional accident ~ but now when he lifts his leg, a simple no pee stops him and he will go out). Before I would carry him to the door place him outside and push his little bum to make him go out. Now Will is able to go out, and even explores the backyard and will do his toilet at the back of the yard. Will is able to go up the stairs if motivated, if I go out  he will be up stairs when I get up, takes him quite a bit of effort to get up as his legs are so small. I simply point my finger at him tell him to stay and then up and he will stay in place while I lift him. Will can do the steps up and down of the deck as they are wide and narrow. Will loves to eat and loves his treats and has found that play can be fun. For the first time yesterday he began to run around the family room at break neck speed, jumping on his bed and then off and running again. He found a ball, and it was a whole new experience for him to be able to push it and when it moved the wonder in his eyes was so funny.   Will has began to sit pretty, (but Kate likes to push him over when he does.) Will has began waging his tail and is a very happy boy. When he wants me to come and get him he will let out his tiny little bark, and then do his Willy dance when he sees me. Will is pure joy, and he now has begun to realize that people can be good and kind and even realize that “love” does exist. Will needs help to get up on the chair but he will happily let you pick him up and cuddle up with you once you do. He loves to sleep on the back of my chair with a big comforter.  If he wants to get down and I have left him he will let out little yips until I come and rescue him.

Kate: Oh little Kate, she was quite heavy when she came, and already has lost over 2 pounds. From a shy withdrawn little girl she has blossomed into a bright happy young lady. Kate like Will could not master the stairs,  but one day she tried it and after several tries she mastered them. Now she goes up and down with ease and loves to do it just because she can. I think her motivating factor was me taking Will down to go for a pee and he being out of her site and worrying about him. Kate is the more outgoing of the two,  eager to meet people and see what is going on. She is a strong mothering personality, and tries to keep all the pack member in line. She likes to be with you and to see what you are doing and to be able to sleep close to you if you are working. She doesn’t get underfoot but will find a place where she can sit or lie and watch what you are doing. Kate has the occasional tinkle in the house, but as her weight goes down and with an improved diet she is doing better every day. Kate will use a pee mat in the morning to do her poo on if she can’t wake us up in time. She is very clean and generally a very quiet girl.

Kate and Will: They do need to sleep in the bedroom with you, not in the bed. I have a large dog bed beside ours filled with blankets and they sleep together. When I go to bed at night,  I take up Will first and he will stand at the top of the stairs until Kate comes up and then they race for the bed together. Will always gets in first and then Kate will cover him with the blankets and then get in, in front of him. Kate must have had to protect Will all his life and she does not shirk her duty where is safety is concerned. She loves to get her front feet on his pack and give give him a massage when he lays down, very funny to see, and Will just kind of gives her his silly goofy look. Kate likes to wake me up in the morning coming to the side of the bed and shoving her cold nose on my hand to get her head patted and to be told she is a good girl. Will has just begun this this morning also, and he likes to sit pretty until Kate knocks him over. The love they have for each other is so evident.   They have bonded through the worst start in life possible and have only had each other, but despite what they have endured they have in a very short time opened their hearts to us and allowed us to love them and are giving us love in return. The transformation in the last few weeks has been wonderful to see and as each day goes by the progress continues. I love these little ones dearly and they are a joy to have around.

Both Will and Kate are low energy, Will is unsure of going for walks and if he does go for one he likes to alternate between tucked under a arm and walking along. Kate loves a walk and is eager to go. They are great in the backyard, and love to wander around now, no longer afraid that they won’t be able to come in. Kate is full of wiggles and Will has his little Willy dance when he gets happy.

They are loving, sweet, caring and deserve the very best life possible. They have suffered so much yet have left that behind them and look forward to being loved, fed and being safe.

Will took food from my husband’s hand for the first time! Both Will and Kate have made remarkable progress this week both in house training and in their trust in us.

January 2, 2014: Wee Will had his first bath today and he loved it, the brown on his legs is starting to come out and kate thought he smelt so much better she was willing to give him some loving.
Kate has also decided she likes to sleep in my computer cabinet. They are such sweet babies.

Will and Kate are no longer sleeping in a crate at night in our room, they have moved to a bed beside ours filled with fluffy blankets and it is so sweet at bedtime, Will gets in first and then Kate uses her nose to cover him with a blanket and then once he is covered to her satisfaction she will climb inside him.

They are both making amazing progress, Will comes to me now to be picked up and to sit on my knee. Kate has done this for awhile. They love to be on my lap together and Kate usually tries to lay on Will.

Interested in giving Will and Kate a fairy tale ending? Please fill out this online adoption form and we’ll get right back to you!

Taken from the Dreamfile for Will and Kate, and also from their foster mom’s facebook posts

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