2013 Jack Russell Terrier National Trials

The 22nd annual Jack Russell trials took place in Paris, Ontario on the weekend of September 28 and 29.

This year at the trials, Jacks from all over showed up with their humans for a real good time. And for JRT’s that means getting down to business and demonstrating their genetic predisposition to hunting and tracking – and shivering, yelping, barking and shuddering with the anticipation of their turn at the various planned activities.

This story was published by Susan Gamble in the Brantford Expositor (along with some great photos) and really give a great overview of  the event . As Susan explains “Along with the lure game, there’s a trailing competition, where the dogs must follow a fox urine-scented trail through a large field; the barn hunt, where they try to locate the scent of a live rat that’s safely ensconced in a tube; the rumble tunnel, where the dogs face various obstacles in a maze-like tunnel; and super earth, 83-feet of dark, closed tunnel for the dog to race through.” Jack heaven.

This year the Jack Russell Club of Canada  included a Pet/Rescue Division at the National Trial complete with gorgeous Perpetual Trophies generously donated by Joanna White and Debby MacFarlane.

Check out Lukas:  Tall Puppy Racing Champion, Puppy Ball Retrieval Champion, Puppy Trailing and Locating Reserve Champion and Puppy Rumble Tunnel Reserve Champion! Holy smokes! He also brought home his first Perpetual Trophy.

But it was a great day for plenty of other rescues too!
Eris: Adult Ball Retrieval Champion
Ace: Adult Rumble Tunnel Champion (Ace had the fastest time of all the dogs entered in the entire event)
and Chase: Adult Barn Hunt Reserve Champion

Enjoy the photo gallery. We’ll continue to post more about what the Trials are and how you can get involved in future. From running your dog in the lure course for fun… to entering to win one of the gorgeous perpetual trophies. There’s a lot on offer at the National Trials! See you next year!

If you can add any information about winners to the above please send me an email with the news.

Also if you have more information about the trials that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you!


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
― Will Rogers


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