Tommy’s not-so-perfect heart turned out to be perfect after all

Slated to be euthanized, Tommy was spoken for by JRTRO and made his journey from Ohio to Canada about 10 months ago. Tommy was found as a stray and because of his heart murmur, he was deemed unfit. This wonderful boy got a second chance at life. Read on to find out about his new life in the loving words of his forever mom:

“When we picked him up from his foster home, he was shy and very timid but [there, he] learnt that there would always be enough food and always someone to love him. His bond with his Papa was instantaneous, and he rode home in our car curled up in the front seat watching his new Papa the whole time.

Now it is almost nine months later and Thomas Jacob has come into his own. He will bark when he wants his dinner and will race around the house at break neck speeds. He doesn’t realize or seem to care that his heart isn’t perfect; he like us, thinks perfect is just over rated. Thomas loves his walks and has to smell everything he sees; he gets called Thomas the Turtle as he tends to be slow, but he has learnt to run and now if we get to far in front of him. He will run so fast and his little tail wags the whole time. He has been a blessing in our lives from the moment we saw him and we cannot believe our good fortune in being allowed to adopt him.

In the one picture he is sharing a bed with his big brother Matthew Benjamen who is 15, and also Jenny Lyn who is now 11 (another JRT rescue). Of all his brothers he loves Matthew best and is usually stuck pretty close to him.

It is wonderful to see a shy little fur-kid turn into a confident loved little boy.”


One response to “Tommy’s not-so-perfect heart turned out to be perfect after all

  1. Trina St Michael June 4, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    So glad that both you and and Tommy have found each other. We also have 3 Jacks. Spitfire is almost 18, Conna is 13 and my baby Winston is 7 and he has a heart murmure and you’d never know it. (apparently people have a heart murmure and live a normal life – so why can’t a dog.
    Spitfire still has lots of energy and still will run and play,
    also the only jack we got to pick from a litter and got as a wee pup. Conna we adopted when she was 9months old and had already been hrough 2 homes. Winston was 4 months old.


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