Joey’s story–escaping life on the streets

Hi my name is Joey from rural Kentucky. I’m about three years old. I arrived with my best buddy, Missy, this past weekend. It was a long two days on the road but we got to meet some really nice people. Both Missy and I were very scared. We had our tails between our legs, hoping they wouldn’t hurt us. We’ve never known humans to be nice or good to us. I would crouch in fear when one approached and was so afraid someone would hit me.

Learning to trust

Learning to trust

You see, Missy and I have been living on the streets for, oh I don’t know how long now. It was really hard. There were so many other dogs that were bigger than us who would pick on us and take whatever food there was. At times, they would bite us for no reason. I guess they were just trying to survive as well. Yeah, so that’s why I don’t look as handsome as I used to. My coat was dirty, I have fur missing, and I have bite marks on my body. Poor Missy, I still think she’s beautiful though.

When people caught us last week and put us in crates, I didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t escape. They also caught a whole bunch of other street dogs. We stayed at a shelter for a few days and it was awful. All the dogs were stressed and anxious. But then I overheard the lady say that Missy and I were a few of the lucky ones and that we were going to a place called Canada.

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We arrived on Sunday and one of the first things they did was feed us!! Food!!! Amazing food. Missy and I were so happy. People were surprised that we were eating even though we just arrived from such a long and stressful journey. But it was food!!!

I was sad after though because Missy and I had to be split up. I have been at my foster mom’s since Sunday and I’ve been sleeping a lot. It was hard being on the streets. You could never let your guard down. You had to be on the look out for any human or dog that might hurt you. I’ve witnessed people using dogs as target practice. Here, I get to rest my head, knowing I am safe and I get along with my foster fur-brothers and -sisters who look out for me. I even got a bath and then I slept and slept some more.

I’m so happy to be off the streets and my foster mom tells me that soon I will find my forever home. It seems that there is a family out there who will love me and take care of me and I’ll never have to worry about being on the streets again. Will that be you?

I wonder how Missy is doing. I hope we can be together again. Maybe we’ll be adopted together. We shall see. But in the mean time, my foster mom says that she is being taken care of by her foster family. I hope she finds a forever home too. I think about the dogs that were left on the streets or those at the shelter that were not spoken for by a rescue. I am so lucky to have found my way to this wonderful country. Thank you to my foster mom for opening her home to me and JRTRO for my second chance at life. I hope to meet my forever family real soon!


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