Fostering—a rescue dog’s lifeline to a forever home

Have you ever wanted to rescue a homeless dog but are not ready for a lifetime commitment? In that case, have you considered fostering? Many rescues are based on foster homes rather than being housed in a central shelter facility. In fact, some in the rescue world see fostering as the way to a future where shelters are largely redundant.

Foster homes are essential to the rescue and rehoming process. Here at JRTRO, without foster homes, we would not be able to speak for a dog that’s in need. Aside from providing a safe, loving and comfortable temporary home until an adoptive home can be found, foster homes provide a means to determine the character and nature of a rescue dog. Having this knowledge is vital to finding the most suitable permanent home for the rescued dog, which helps ensure a successful adoption.

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Fostering a dog is a deeply satisfying experience. Nothing can compare to the joy of seeing a frightened, disheartened dog transform into a trusting, happy, and loving one. Being a foster can also be emotionally challenging because it is usually inevitable that the foster parent falls in love with the dog, only to have them move on to their adoptive home. People who foster are truly unique and special as they put the wellbeing of the dog before their own.

Foster homes usually provide care for a foster dog for a period from anywhere between a few days to several months. All costs for veterinary care will be provided by JRTRO while the dog is in foster care.

Whenever needed, JRTRO has a trainer and a wonderful group of experienced volunteers who will provide fosters with behavioural training to assess and correct any behavioural problems their foster dog may have. However, in most cases, experience has shown that even the most traumatized dogs respond best to just being in a loving, safe and nurturing environment, quite possibly the first experience in their lives. Many rescues that come into our care require merely basic obedience training, to learn some rules and boundaries, to help them blossom.

Would you be interested in finding out more about what is involved in being a foster? Read about fostering on our Foster Homes page. If you wish to be considered as a foster parent, please complete a foster application form.

Foster Homes


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