Adoption upate—Angie’s heart finds room for Dillon

In most cases, the difficult reality is that we tend to outlive our pets. Many of us have experienced the painful heartbreak from the loss of a beloved pet and vow never to go through it again. “No more,” we’d say. “No more animals in our lives.”

Weeks, maybe months, or maybe even years go by but eventually, the longing for a pet grows even more. This story rings true for Angie who lost her two dogs in January and July of 2012. She vowed, never again because it hurt too much to lose the two of them.

In September of that same year, with the seasons changing, Angie found that she wasn’t as distracted with everything there is to do in the warmer months and she started to miss the companionship she shared with her beloved dogs. She decided to contact JRTRO and started looking.

In January 2013, Cathy emailed Angie a picture of Dillon, a lovely boy who came all the way from Kentucky. Initially, Angie didn’t feel that Dillon was the dog for her but every time she would visit the website, she was drawn to him. Each time, she kept looking over his profile and pictures. Finally, she decided to take the plunge and made arrangements to visit him in his foster home.


On January 12th, 2013, Angie made the 2 and a ½ hour drive to meet Dillon and she fell in love. They spent over two hours together, watching, playing and bonding. And after that time, in Angie’s words, they both knew and “adopted each other.” Angie describes Dillon as the most loving guy she has ever met. “He is cuddly, funny, smart and extremely well behaved, and […] even likes kids.”

Dillon now lives on a 5 acre property where he has free reign and is KING of house, car and land. He also serves as Chief Customer Experience Officer of Angie’s home-based business and is a wonderful example of how rescue dogs can make the best family pet.

The wonderful truth is, our hearts heal and because it is fills and grows with the unconditional love of our pets, it will always have room for another. And with every pet we bring into our lives, the process repeats and our hearts continue to grow…


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