Sable – sweet, spunky & sassy

This past weekend we had a very special Jack come into our care all the way from Kentucky, sweet Sable. She received veterinary care in Ohio where she was treated for diabetes and had a tumour removed from her leg. She is doing well and recovering in her loving foster home with her new family, including two furry brothers and a sister.


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Sable is blind due to cataracts and is thought to be about 7 years, maybe older. But don’t let her blindness and age fool you. She is a Jack through and through. After receiving treatment and now that she’s had some rest and is settled in, her spunk and personality are shining through. Those who have been fortunate to have met her during her journey have fallen hard and fast for this wonderful, sweet girl. She has quite a few fans and all are rooting for her.

Among the volunteers that were part of the transport this past weekend were quite a few people from our FB group. With their help, a number of dogs made it to their new foster and forever homes. Thank you all for your time and dedication.


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