Could CPR save your pet’s life?

What would you do if your pet collapsed? A study done by the Associated Press in 2010 found that 58 percent of pet owners say they would perform CPR on their animal if needed. Dog owners (63 percent) were more likely than cat owners (53 percent) to say that they’d go muzzle-to-muzzle, while women (65 percent) were more likely than men (50 percent).

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure, performed in an effort to manually pump oxygen-rich blood to the body’s vital organs, like the brain, in the event that the subject’s heart and breathing have stopped. CPR consists of artificial respiration and chest compressions and yes, you can do it to your pet in the event of an emergency.

A pet could collapse for a number of reasons: electrocution, choking, blood clots, or trauma. Performing CPR could buy time until you can get to a vet. Pet CPR is similar to the human variety, with adjustments for size and anatomy. Technique also varies with breed; that is, resuscitating a Chihuahua would be much different from breathing life into a Great Dane.

Attached below is a brief overview of pet CPR courtesy of the American Red Cross. Contact your local animal trainer to find out more about pet CPR courses. Share your stories with us. Have you ever had to use pet first aid?



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